Thursday, 8 April 2010

Vogue India April 2010- Tinu Verghis,Gia Johnson,Nethra Raghuraman

Summer usually advents a model cover for all fashion magazines as Bollywood stars can't shed their inhibitions and don a swimsuit. Vogue India combined some of the most recognizable Indian models and shot them in Goa. I still prefer Vogue India's cover with Laxmi Menon in neon orange. However I am not complaining. I love models on the cover, however I find their story on dusky skin such a farce. All Indian models are photoshopped to look fair. Case in point Carol Gracious who is known to be dusky appears wheatish. Shame isn't it?

Image source -: Pinkvilla


  1. These are gorgeous images and what a cover! Beautiful.
    Which one is Carol? And that is a shame about the skin colour photoshopping. I thought these archaic attitudes had changed.
    Over Summer, because I practically live outdoors, I develop a deep tan, which I love but when I see my relatives, the older women think I'm silly to do so! Not for skin safety reasons though!
    ...I thought the younger generation was different in their perception.

    Do they photoshop Laxmi too?


  2. are you Kidding?!?! *THAT* is "dark" skinned?! seriously. I think i'm a pretty good-looking girl,and yet I struggle *so* much with being a dark-skinned indian woman. Especially having a super fair sister(who takes after my mom, my lil sis & I take after my dad) even though I've lived in the u.s.all my life!! We've gone places together, we're standing *right* next to each other!! and an indian person--you know what,it's not just indians--will say some dumb-ass comment like,"i didn't know you were sisters because you're diferent colors...ok,moron! people tell us we still look alike. *stupidity*!!! can ANYthing grate on one's Nerves more?!! And I've dated some *H O T* indian this day,one of THE best looking men I've yet to see, is my ex-boyfriend. that should do something for my esteem...I've really been shaking my fist at God for this,but i'm sure He knows what He's doing w/o any advice from me! I have 2 beeeaaautiful little girls. one is lighter-by a few shades-than the other, but their both "dusky" to darker. People stop me *all* the time to tell me how beautiful they are. Because they really are pretty little girls, but my older(darker) little one has noticed the shade difference. As a mother, I don't want my kids to deal with all this crap. I pray for wisdom regarding dealing with it all, and to believe that God has my--and their-- best in mind...