Monday, 31 May 2010

Vogue India June 2010 - Jacqueline Fernandez

Vogue India surely is back with a bang and proving their worth. Featuring starlet Jacqueline Fernandez, wearing a Versace gown with a Ganjam bracelet that does seem to be a bit distracting. While I love the look I'm saddened by her harsh look. She is such a pretty girl. Probably the prettiest among all actresses.
Also Vogue India seriously needs to hire other models other than Lakshmi Menon.
Tamara Moss Gia Johnson Monagalika ring a bell?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Summer Dressing Inspiration

Annalynne McCord is not exactly renowned for her sartorial choices but I came across these 2 pictures of her. Totally easy chic!. I'm loving it. Im lusting for a little white dress!

pics from Celeb City and Just Jared

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Bombay Blowup in Bandra on the 22nd of May!

This concept really excites me !!

Blowup Bombay is a concept where anyone and everyone can contribute their photos and it will be displayed at Bandra. Imagine 1000 + photos lined up on the street. No restrictions what so ever!

check the link out here >>


As I said my blog is also a photo blog. Posting pictures of a trip to Goa I made sometime back. Goa is known for its laidback boho vibe. It is an ideal holiday destination and most tourist flock here for its famed beaches and rich history.
Pictures from top are the Basillica of Bom Jesu where the relic of Saint Francis is located. The other pictures include Baga beach and the road leading to Baga beach and the Church is located in the village of Aldona.


What cover works? I absolutely adore the Elle cover! My only grouse is the difference in skin colour. Also a bonus? Indian designer on the cover! w00t!! Next would be Harper's my only grouse? Kalki's hair!
Vogue ? crappy crappy crappy!